2022 Youth Equestrian Camp

Enrollment will open in


Summer Camp is in early June.

The one day Christmas Camp enrollment

opens in the fall.

Need a Camp Application?

Contact Monique at

770-634-9354, or americandreamfarm@yahoo.com

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Covid-19 and Equine Corona Virus Protocol:

Anyone who enters the property must dip their boots or shoes in the bleach water foot bath pan in front of the gate and use the Purell hand sanitizer provided at the gate. Equine Corona Virus is going around. It is fecal to oral transmission. Do not pet the horses until you wash your hands. At this time we are asking that students do not bring extra guests to lessons. If you think you may have been exposed to anyone with symptoms we ask that you stay away from the farm for 14 days unless you show proof of a negative test before 14 days are up.

Welcome to the Athens Area Exclusive Western and English Horseback Riding Program!

What Do We Offer?

~ Lesson Program - Western and English

~ Horse Husbandry Lessons

~ Internship Program
~ Youth Equestrian Summer Camp

~ Youth Equestrian Christmas Camp

~ Advanced/Novice Boot Camp

~ Birthday Horsemanship Lessons
~ Horse Boarding

~ Horse Training
~ American Dream Farm Show Team

Lesson Program

Come learn horseback riding and horsemanship on American Dream Farm's award winning lesson and show horses! American Dream Farm's exclusive Lesson Program offers Custom Riding and Horsemanship Lessons to fit the individual student's needs and goals. Adults, teenagers, and children are welcomed at American Dream Farm. We offer lessons to children ages 7 and up. Horsemanship Lessons for safe handling on the ground and care of horses for students who have the goal in mind of owning their own horse, and Introduction to Horse Showing and Horse Show Basics for students who want to show. First time Riders and Riders with experience are welcomed at American Dream Farm. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in a clean, well organized, professional family atmosphere. We specialize in Western Riding, Western Horesemanship, English Pleasure, English Equitation and Showmanship at Halter.

We are currently accepting a number of new weekly students. Lessons are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment only. Please call 770-634-9354 for current openings and lesson availability.

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American Dream Farm

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Summer Horse Camps

2021 AMERICAN DREAM FARM YOUTH EQUESTRIAN CAMP - Monday, June 7th - Thursday, June 10th

Camp fee $400.00 (Please note a nonrefundable $100.00 deposit along with the camp application must be received by American Dream Farm to hold your spot in this camp.) This special camp fills up quickly as there are a limited number of openings. This Youth Equestrian Camp is for young Campers (ages 6-18) who are interested in learning Horsemanship and Riding at a beginner to an advanced beginner level.

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2021 YEC horses, campers, & counselors i