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At American Dream Farm we recognize the importance of learning how to ride on well socialized confidence building finished lesson horses, and that will be your experience as a student in our Lesson Program.

All of our Lesson Horses are cross trained in both the English and Western disciplines, are trained on obstacles, and at halter. They are all excellent proven pattern horses and can ride in their natural gaits, extended and collected.

I introduce to you:

Boone - APHA Rhinestone Sparkle

Fleur - APHA Sparkling Blue Eyes

Jaxx - AQHA Sonny's Two Eyed Jaxx

Boss - APHA Dandy's Wimpy Chex

June - AQHA Extreme Good Bar

Queen - ApHC Wranglers Rhapsody

Queen - ApHC Wranglers Rhapsody

Queen Headshot 2022 website.jpg

Queen is a big bodied super balanced black mare with a willing disposition. At just 4 years old this beautiful girl is our newest horse and has the sweetest demeanor and an amazing work ethic. 2019 Appaloosa Horse Club Wranglers Rhapsody was bred at Avalon Appaloosas in Colorado sired by Honkytonk Wrangler out of Honkytonk Red Hot. Queen had a very nice start and is currently being finished by Tess. We cannot wait to get this gorgeous mare in the show ring. She is most certainly and all arounder with a bright future.

Queen baby 2.jpg

Boone-APHA Rhinestone Sparkle

Boone is a 15-2 HH 21 year old, Black and White Tobiano APHA gelding. Boone's registered name is Rhinestone Sparkle. Boone is foundation bred. Boone's sire is Docs Choice Boone and he is out of Sue Miss Rebel. When we purchased Boone he was a breeding stallion and had only 30 days on him. We gelded him and started his training. Boone was easy to train because he has such a willing attitude, beautiful gaits, cadence and a fantastic natural frame. Boone's APHA PAC awards include a Certificate of Recognition in English Pleasure, a Certificate of Recognition for English Walk-Trot, and a Certificate of Recognition at Halter. Boone has 28 Life Time Halter Credits and 111 Life Time Performance Credits.
We purchased Boone in May of 2006 from Mr. Paul Baggett in Cairo, Georgia of Twisted Pines Paints. We have trained Boone to ride Western and English and at Halter.  What a guy Boone is! He is just a pleasure to be around, on the ground and under saddle.

Boone is very popular in the barn with the ladies and has many "girlfriends."

Boone headshot 2022.jpg
Boone's Profile 2011.jpg
2016 April Kel-Mac Sarah B. & Boone halt
2016 LASC group equitation.jpg
2022 Interns website Becca and Boone.jpg

Fleur-APHA Sparkling Blue eyes

Fleur is a 16 year old APHA mare sired by our very own Rhinestone Sparkle, otherwise known as Boone. We were delighted to find out this very special last filly Boone ever sired was for sale. Her registered name is Sparkling Blue Eyes, and when you meet her you can see why. She is stunning! Fleur means flower in French. Fleur has an amazing work ethic and simply wants to be in the arena with the older horses. Fleur has incredible gaits and a naturally spectacular frame. As she matures her movements continues to capture the eyes of the judges at the shows. 

Fleur currently has 35 Life Time Halter Credits and 36 Life Time Performance Credits with the American Paint Horse Association PAC Program. Fleur received her first Certificate of Recognition at Halter from the APHA PAC program and won the 2012 Year End Championship in the Open English Halter class at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club. Her sire, Boone won the Open English Halter class 2012 Year End Reserve Championship at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club. In addition, 2013 was a successful year. Awards were as follows:
Champion - Adult Huntseat Equitation
Champion - Open Western Halter
Champion - Open English Halter
Reserve Champion - Adult Hunder Under Saddle
Reserve Champion - Open Color Halter
Reserve Champion - Open Showmanship

2017 April Kel-Mac Tess & Fleur extended
Fleur head shot western bridle.jpg
2017 April Kel-Mac W-T line up.jpg
2021 Tess & Fleur full body CV.jpg
2017 YEC group trail ride Fleur.JPG
2018 TTBB 2.jpg
2021 Fleur close up CV.jpg

jaxx-aqha sonny's two eyed jaxx

Jaxx is a 14-2 hh, 24 year old AQHA sorrel gelding with 4 white socks. His registered name is Sonny's Two Eyed Jaxx. He is a Sonny Dee Bar and Impressive bred gelding with a very sweet, sociable personality. Let's just say he is very chatty. Jaxx talks to anyone who will listen to him. This smart guy certainly knows how to get some attention! Jaxx fit into the American Dream Farm Lesson Program right away with his easy going personality, and wonderful riding talents. Jaxx rides Western and English and is a beautiful mover.

Jaxx won the 2012 Reserve Championship in the Beginner Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle class, the 2012 Championship in the Beginner Junior Walk/Trot Equitation class, and the 2012 Championship in the Beginner Hunter Walk/Trot, Canter one at a time class at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club.

2017 April Kel-Mac Sarah C. & Jaxx - 1st
2012 April KM Sarah & Jaxx contest pic.j
11-5-2011 MSSC Jaxx headshot.jpg
Jaxx & Tess W-2008.gif
Jaxx headshot 2022.jpg
2016 Sept Kel-Mac Sarah & Jaxx presentat

June - AQHA Extreme good bar

“June” is a 15-3 HH sorrel double registered AQHA and the NSBA 9 year old mare. June’s registered name is Extreme Good Bar sired by one of Terry Bradshaw’s stallions Extremely Hot Chips. Her notable dam is Same Version. With Blazing Hot and Hotrodders Jet Set on the top side and Good Version and Zippos Mr Good Bar on the bottom side I think we have found a very nice pleasure horse in June.

June is the newest addition to the ADF Lesson Program and has had western pleasure training and is finished in Trail. June came to us at the end of March after being imported from Canada to Georgia. June is the kindest horse I have ever met and I know some very kind horses. She truly seems to be a people horse. Aside from being an excellent lesson horse, we plan to show June in showmanship, western pleasure and trail next year.

June March 2021 with saddle.jpg
June headshot 2022.jpg
2021 YEC June & Ada.jpg
2021 YEC Team June, Eryn & Kari awards.jpg
june 7-21 5.jpg

boss-apha dandy's wimpy chex

Boss is a 15-1 hh 7 year old chestnut and white tobiano American Paint Horse. His registered name is Dandy’s Wimpy Chex. Sired by Dandy Streke, out of Chex Wimpy Lady. Boss was finished by Tess Smith.

Boss graduated into the Lesson Program last fall and will be showing soon. This young horse’s movement is nothing short of spectacular. What we see in his future is the athleticism and versatility to go from western horsemanship and ranch to hunter under saddle. Boss has a charming personality with an excellent work ethic. We see a bright future ahead for this wonderful young gelding.

Boss & Tess 4-2020.jpg
Boss & Tess ground work 11-19.jpg
Boss under saddle 11-19 2.jpg
Boss right side june 2019.jpg
Boss headshot 2022.jpg
Boss meeting Jaxx June 2019.jpg
Boss baby.jpg
Boss on the line 2 11-19.jpg
2013 May Kel-Mac Me & Zip Blue Color Hal

Zip-APHA Zippidy Day

Rest in Peace My Best Boy Zip.

Zip was a 14-3 HH, 22 year old, Black and White Tobiano APHA gelding. Zip’s registered name was Zippidy Day. Zip was a foundation bred American Paint Horse sired by Tobi Haliday out of Bama’s Connie. Zip’s great grand sire is the famous Stallion Genuine Doc stood by Carol Rose, sired by the legendary Doc Bar. Needless to say, Zip was built like a bulldog! We purchased Zip as a 2-year-old stallion from Mr. Paul Baggett of Twisted Pines Paints in Cairo, Georgia. Zip came to us with 90 days on him. Zip was just a great all around horse! We have trained Zip in Western and English, Obstacles, Cross-Country, and Team Roping. Zip’s versatility has gained him many awards with the APHA PAC Program.  Zip also made a fantastic trail horse. He was a big, healthy boy with big, healthy feet, and a big, healthy appetite! Zip was also trained to bow. He was a bit of a ham. A lot of people who witness Zip stretch say they have never seen anything quite like it! Zip could stretch like a dog with his gorgeous foundation hind quarters up in the air, and his front legs laid out on the ground in front of him! What a Show Off!

Zip & Mo teeter totter.jpg
2015 Zip headshot.jpg
2016 April Kel-Mac Mo & Zip at halter se
2013 May Kel-Mac Me & Zip Jack Benny.jpg
2014 Kel-Mac Mo & Zip Jack Benny.JPG

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