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2024 Summer Camp Enrollment is Officially Open!

Need a Camp Application?

Contact Monique at

770-634-9354, or

Click on the About Us Page

to email us.

Youth Equestrian Camps & Advanced Skill Building Camps

What Camps are offered?

~ Youth Equestrian Summer Camp

~ Youth Equestrian Christmas Camp

~ Advanced Skill Building Camp

2024, American Dream Farm Youth Equestrian Camp

Do you want to enroll your child in a fun educational horse camp this summer?

Camp Enrollment is Officially Open! This is a 4 day camp. We only take 10 Campers. More info below:

Monday, June 3rd - Thursday, June 6th, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Camp fee $400.00 (Please note a nonrefundable $100.00 deposit along with the Camp Application must be received by American Dream Farm to hold your spot in this camp.) This special camp fills up quickly as there are a limited number of openings. This Youth Equestrian Camp is for young Campers (ages 9-16) who are interested in learning Horsemanship and Riding at a beginner to an advanced beginner level. Campers will learn grooming, tacking, handling horses on the ground and under saddle, a horse's body parts, veterinary care, farrier care, first aid, conformation, how to read a horse's body language, safe trail riding, beginner to advanced beginner riding lessons, and much, much more in a friendly, comfortable, caring learning environment. Campers will be paired with riders of the same skill level on our award winning lesson and show horses. Campers will enjoy an Equestrian Field Day on the last day of camp. Parents, friends and family members are invited to the Awards Ceremony on the last day of camp to see what the Campers have accomplished.

Check out out Camps page on Face Book at

Email Monique Smith at for a camp application, or call 770-634-9354. Space is limited.

2023 YEC group on horses.jpg
2023 YEC FT CCC giving clydesdales treats.jpg
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2021 YEC group playing hot potatoe.jpg

~ Look for Advanced Skill Building Camp Dates Coming Soon

2016 LASC Sarah & Fleur equitation.jpg
2016 LASC Shannon & Kay.jpg
2017 ASKC group last day.jpg
2016 LASC Auburne & Jaxx.jpg
2016 LASC group equitation.jpg
2016 LASC Sarah & Fleur.jpg
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2016 LASC Tess & Roxy
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Youth Equestrian Christmas Camp

Saturday, December 2, 2023 - 1:00-4:00

Camp fee $125.00     

This camp is for youth riders 7 - 18. This unique one day camp offers campers the opportunity to experience fun exercises we don’t get to do regularly during lessons like bareback riding, showmanship at halter, how to maneuver obstacles on horseback and a fun trail ride on the entire property! Campers will also get to see a horse training demonstration and enjoy a fun obstacle competition.


Students will be partnered with other riders who ride at their skill level. The camp fee is $125.00. The $50.00 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot in this camp. The Camp Balance is due one week before camp. We will accept 10 campers for this camp. We ask that Campers dress in layers, bring thin gloves and ear warmers for this camp.

2022 Christmas Camp Team Boone.jpg
2021 Christmas Camp gifts.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp Khloe & Boone.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp group with crafts.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp arena Jaxx & June.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp crafting antlers.jpg
2020 Christmas Camp Jaxx with antlers.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp bareback Tess Boss June Elizabeth Ada.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp silly group.jpg
2021 Christmas Camp Fleur headband.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp group helmets.jpg
2022 Christmas Camp Team June.jpg
2022 Junior Interns Christmas Camp Dinner fanny pacs website.jpg
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